HTML and CSS Reference
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The remaining attributes on the anchor element are target , hreflang, and rel .
The target attribute, which defines where the link will open, will be discussed further
in Chapters 4 and 5, but it generally has one of the following values: _blank , _self ,
_parent , or _top , which determine whether the link opens in a new window, the
current window, the containing window (if inline frames are used, for instance), or the
topmost containing window (if multiple frames are nested together). The hreflang
attribute defines the language of the linked resource; however, it is purely advisory and
actually does not have any power to set the language of a linked page (which may have
a lang attribute set on its html element anyway). Lastly, the rel attribute defines the
type of link. It has many possible values, as shown in Table 3-1 .
Note The area element (discussed in Chapter 5 ) uses the same values shown in
Table 3-1 for its rel attribute. Also, many of these values are also used in the link
element (see the overlaps with Table 2-5 in Chapter 2 ) .
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