HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
• Can the meaning of the content be described only with a class or id
attribute? The div and span elements don't introduce any semantics
of their own, but you may add meaning through class and id attrib-
utes if no other element is appropriate.
Case study: the City Press
Now that you feel comfortable organizing the structure of a web page using HTML5
sectioning elements, we're going to turn our attention to the details, the text-level se-
mantics of a page. These are the elements that enclose phrasing content—the text inside
paragraphs and so on. We'll use the homepage of the City Press ( Figure 3-7 ) , a fictitious
newspaper, as an example around which to explore these elements. The City Press page
has been coded with a large number of different elements for demonstration purposes.
6 However, it is important to note that divs are not in the sectioning content category, a div used
in place of a section will not add a new section to the document outline.
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