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Unfortunately, the same accessibility problems persist: Elements set to visibility:
hidden are completely ignored by the vast majority of screen readers. Dropdown menus
hidden from sight in this manner are also hidden from speaking browsers.
So you want to hide an element from people who can see but still make it available to screen
readers. How? Here's one way.
.hide { position : absolute ; top : -10000em ; left : -10000em ;}
Having done this, the third paragraph (the one that created a big blank space in Figure 3-7) is
essentially removed from the page, as shown in Figure 3-8.
Figure 3-8: Throwing elements off-screen with positioning.
h at's right: the CSS took that third paragraph, absolutely positioned it, and then thrww it
way of -screen. Doing this will remove an element from sight, and yet it will still be read by at
least some screen readers. h is is the reason why this technique is generally held to be the
superior option for hiding elements.
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