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Figure 2-10: Selecting links with an attribute selector.
Note that it doesn't matter in the slightest what value the href attribute holds. In fact, it
doesn't even matter if the value is a valid URI or other resource. You'll select <a href="#">
just the same as <a href=""> .
Now, what if you wanted to, say, select all of the hyperlinks that point to a specii c address?
If you have an exact URI you want to pick out, then you could do it just like this (see Figure
a[href="http: // /"] { font-style : italic ;}
Figure 2-11: Selecting links with a specifi c URL with an attribute selector.
h at will select only a elements whose href attributes have the value .
Notice how I phrased that? I didn't say “hyperlinks that point to the W3C site,” because that's
not the deal. h e deal is that you must have an exact match, character for character. If you
have <a href=""> , the selector shown just now will not select
that link. h e match must be exact.
h is might not be so useful with hyperlinks, but it could help you with picking specii c images
to be styled—say, your company logo. If your CMS always spits out this for your top-of-page
< img src ="/img/2010/mainlogo.png" alt ="ConHugeCo Inc." />
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