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Figure 2-1: Enlarging the fi rst letter of an h1.
Simply by changing the dot to a colon, thus yielding li:first-child , you have the same
end result without the need to go sprinkling classes all over the markup.
You may also have picked up on the double-colon syntax used with pseudo-elements. h is
was introduced at er CSS2.1. As of this writing, no browser requires that you use the double-
colons before pseudo-elements: A single colon works just i ne.
As a side note, CSS3 adds the following pseudo-classes, most of which are not widely sup-
ported as of this writing:
It can be very useful to point to a fragment identii er within a document. What's that, you say?
It's as simple as this:
< a href="http: // / law.html#sec2-7">Section 2 .7< / a>
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