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Figure 1-30: XRAY in action.
A similar tool with a dif erent purpose is MRI ( ), which lets you enter a
selector and then be shown which elements on the page that selector will select.
h e name SelectORacle (see Figure 1-31) sounds like an advertisement for a database product,
but it isn't: Instead, it's an online tool that translates valid selectors into something resembling
regular English. (h e name comes from mashing “Selector” and “Oracle” together.)
Go to and enter one or many valid CSS
selectors, no matter how complex. Stick with English or switch the language to Spanish, and
then click the Explain h is! button. You'll get back an explanation of each selector you
entered. For example:
ul li:nth-child(2n+ 3) :not(:last-child)
...will get back the explanation:
Selects any li element that is an odd numbered child starting with the third child and that is
not a last child that is a descendant of a ul element.
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