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Figure 7-33: Scaled elements.
One scale() value means the element will be scaled by that amount along both the x and y
axes. If there are two values, the i rst specii es the horizontal (X) scaling, and the second, the
vertical (Y) scaling. h us, if you want to leave the horizontal axis the same and only scale on
the y axis, do this:
.box1 { transform : scale(0.5) ;}
.box2 { transform : scale(1, 1.5) ;}
Alternatively, you can use the scaleY() value.
.box1 { transform : scale(0.5) ;}
.box2 { transform : scaleY(1.5) ;}
Regardless of which particular path you choose, Figure 7-34 is the end result.
Along the same lines is the scaleX() value, which causes horizontal scaling without
changing the vertical scaling (see Figure 7-35).
.box1 { transform : scaleX(0.5) ;}
.box2 { transform : scaleX(1.5) ;}
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