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Figure 7-15: Restoring the pattern by adjusting the selection formula.
Figure 7-16: Restoring the pattern with :nth-of-type .
h is works because it selects every nth element of a given type (in this case, td elements)
that shares a parent element with the others. h ink of it as :nth-child that also skips any
elements that aren't named in the :nth-child selector.
Color values are probably one of the most familiar things in all of CSS; some people are to the
point of being able to estimate a color's appearance based on its hexadecimal representation.
(Go on, try it: #E07713 .) It's not quite as common to use the rgb() notation for colors, but
they're still pretty popular.
In CSS 3, the rgb() notation is joined by rgba() notation. h e a part of the value is the
alpha, as in alpha channel, as in transparency. h us you can supply a color that is partly
see-through (see Figure 7-17).
.box1 { background : rgb(255,255,255) ;}
.box2 { background : rgba(255,255,255,0.5) ;}
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