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In a simple table with rows consisting of nothing but data cells (those are td elements), you
can select every other column like so (see also Figure 7-11):
td:nth-child(odd) { background : #FED ;}
Figure 7-11: Styling the odd-numbered columns.
Want to i ll in the alternate ones, as in Figure 7-12? Easy-peasy!
td:nth-child(odd) { background : #FED ;}
td:nth-child(even) { background : #DEF ;}
If you're at er every third (Figure 7-13), fourth, i t h, or similarly spaced-out interval, then you
need the n+1 pattern.
td:nth-child(3n+ 1) { background : #EDF ;}
Figure 7-12: Styling both odd- and even-numbered columns.
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