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Figure 6-14: Cleaning up the data.
I'm actually going to let this stand as is. It serves as a perfect illustration of why you have to be
careful when mapping data onto a table. Yes, there are ways to mitigate the problem with CSS,
like hiding pieces of data boxes in those tiny states and then revealing them on hover. A better
idea might be to pick a map that has sui cient space for each state's data (for example, one which
has the Northeast in magnii ed form, or which has callout lines pointing into the small states).
h e data could then be placed at the end of each callout line. I'll leave it to your imagination.
h ere is one other thing to do here, and that's make the table more accessible than the already
extant scope attributes make it. As a bonus, you have something else to style and place. h is
table needs both a summary and a caption.
< table summary="A list of American states and the number of representatives
allocated to each in the United States House of Representatives , which is
the lower chamber of the United States Congress.">
< caption>U.S. Representatives , by State< / caption>
< thead>
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