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Figure 6-11: Positioning the data, step one.
Yikes, they're all in the top-let corner of the map instead of their respective proper spots. h is
is where that list of percentages comes in handy. Each horizontal percentage becomes the
value of left , and each vertical percentage is a top value (see Figure 6-12).
#AL { left : 69.2% ; top : 64% ;}
#AK { left : 21% ; top : 80% ;}
#WY { left : 33% ; top : 42.5% ;}
Well, they're mostly in place. h e reason they aren't lined up is that the midpoint (or at least
some reasonable point) of the each state was selected when you wrote down the list. Supplying
those values as the of sets for top and left places the top-let corner of each positioned
element at those chosen points. h us the positioned tr elements sit below and to the right of
those points.
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