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h is technique isn't limited to simple curves, either. Any irregular shape (such as the curve
illustrated in Figure 5-47) can have text l owing over its peaks and into its valleys (see Figure
5-48) by taking the same approach.
Figure 5-47: The more complex curve with slicing guides.
h e CSS used for this version of the technique is exactly the same as with the curve. Only the
slices have changed.
One note of caution: h e more radical the changes in slice width from one slice to the next,
the more likely it is that you'll have overlap between text and image. h is can happen because
browsers don't test every pixel along the edge of a line box to see if it's overlapping a l oated
element. For example, they might only test the top-let corner of the box. If that's just a couple
of pixels above a much wider l oated image, then the text in that line will overlap that wider
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