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Figure 5-9: Pop-up text below links.
h is technique can be ramped all the way up to multiple levels of nested menus—which you
do in the next section.
You can use the principles of CSS pop-ups to make multiple nested pop-up menus, if you like.
(Not that I do. I generally can't stand pop-up menus. But then I also can't stand chocolate,
cof ee, carbonation, or almost any form of alcohol, so what do I know?) One of the great
values of this particular technique is that it shows how hover ef ects aren't restricted to
Here's the basic setup (with very simplii ed URLs for clarity's sake; see also Figure 5-10):
< ul class="menu">
< li class="sub"> < a href=" / s1 / ">Section 1</ a>
< ul>
< li> < a href=" / s1 / ss1 / ">Subsection 1</ a> </ li>
< li> < a href=" / s1 / ss2 / ">Subsection 2</ a> </ li>
< li> < a href=" / s1 / ss3 / ">Subsection 3</ a> </ li>
</ ul>
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