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Now just add it in like so (see also Figure 5-6), and headings get their own ef ects.
div#main h2 { background : url(shell-traced.jpg) top left no-repeat ;}
Figure 5-6: The result of adding the third image.
You aren't limited to non-repeated backgrounds for this ef ect, either. You could layer repeat-
ing patterns atop one another just as easily, as evident in Figure 5-7.
Well, maybe not those patterns. But you get the idea.
h e original complexspiral demo, by the way, used color-shaded versions of the same image to
create an ef ect of semi-transparent backgrounds. Back in 2001, that was state of the art: Very
few installed browsers supported PNGs with alpha channels, and none of them supported
alpha-channel colors like RGBa. With widespread full PNG support, that form of the demo is
out of date (you can still see it at
spiral/demo.html ). h e “distorted” version shown in this section, though, is as relevant
as ever. h ere's just no other way to create the same ef ect.
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