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You probably noted that I let out the h2 containing the entry title. h at's because the size of
the text in the h2 is bigger than the default, so we can't just divide by 13. Let's see what size it's
been given elsewhere in the CSS.
h2 { font-size : 1.6em ;}
Okay, so its font size is 13 times 1.6, or 25.6. We therefore need to divide its two measures by
25.6 (see Figure 4-39).
#main h2 { width : 27.644em ; padding-left : 6.731em ;}
Figure 4-39: Correcting the heading's placement.
h e math can get a little tricky, there's no question. h e beautiful part here is that if you bump
the document's baseline font size up or down, the whole layout will scale to match. For
example, suppose you changed the CSS to say:
body { font-size : 90% ;}
h at shit s the whole layout to be larger along with the text, which means line lengths are
basically consistent, the layout hangs together, and it's all nicely scalable for anyone who has
dif erent browser default settings or likes to bump the text size up or down for readability
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