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Figure 4-16: Inadvertantly dropping the third column.
Yep: Float drop. h e third column drops down below the other two because there isn't enough
room for it to sit next to the others. h at's because the widths, margins, paddings, and borders
add up to more than 100%—to 100% plus two pixels, in fact. Even one pixel above 100% is
one pixel too many.
For this, I have no solutions save “double-check your math.” For the full-height separator
problem, the next two sections may well provide an answer.
A classic CSS technique i rst popularized by Dan Cederholm ( http://simplebits
.com/ ) in a 2004 article for A List Apart, faux columns are a venerable solution to the vexing
problem of creating equal-height columns in CSS.
In order to create faux columns, you i rst need columns.
< div class="column one">...< / div>
< div class="column two">...< / div>
< div class="column three">...< / div>
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