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You can of course do something very similar with repeating background images (see Figure
html { background : url(stars-m.png) 14px 41px repeat-y ;}
body { background : url(stars-k.png) 54px -20px repeat-x ;}
img.logo { position : absolute ; top : 10px ; left : 10px ;}
Figure 3-26: Many stars.
We're all used to setting a background on the body and having it i ll the whole browser
window. But guess what happens if you also set a background for the html element?
html { background : #ABACAB ;}
body { background : #DED ;}
Yep: As evident in Figure 3-27, the browser window is i lled out by the html element's
background, and the body 's background just i lls in the content area and padding of that
specii c element. h is is true whether or not the body element is tall enough for its bottom to
reach the bottom of the browser window. If it doesn't, then the html background is visible
underneath. h is would also be the case if the body element has a bottom margin, the html
element has bottom padding, or both.
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