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Figure 3-15: Outdenting.
h at's it. Note that I made sure to include list-style: none there. If I hadn't, then the
i rst line of each list item would've been outdented, and the text would have overlapped the
bullets. So don't mix outdenting with list markers.
You can outdent anything, of course, from paragraphs to headings to div s to pre to table
cells. It's just most common to see it in lists.
h ere are a lot of ways to get bullets onto lists. h e simplest, though the least precise, is to use
the list styling properties built into CSS.
Let's say we have a list of the stars closest to the Earth, and we want each one to have a little
star bullet instead of a circle, disc, or square (see Figure 3-16).
ul.stars { list-style-image : url(star.gif) ;}
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