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Figure 3-13: A close-up of the “gutter” around the document's content.
In a like fashion, the indentation of lists—either ordered or unordered—is accomplished by
either margin or padding, depending on the browser. h us, if you declare the following:
ul , ol { margin-left : 0 ;}
… then you'll remove list indentation in some, but not all, browsers. You need to strip of the
let padding as well if you want to be consistent across browsers.
ul , ol { margin-left : 0 ; padding-left : 0 ;}
Of course, you aren't limited to just removing the indentation. Once you've gotten used to
setting both let margin and padding on lists to change list indentation, you can decide which
mix works best for you. Maybe you think all browsers should use padding to indent lists. Just
say so:
ul , ol { margin-left : 0 ; padding-left : 2.5em ;}
Or maybe you'd like to split the dif erence:
ul , ol { margin-left : 1.25em ; padding-left : 1.25em ;}
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