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if (b.getType() != BlockType.Air) {
b.getWorld().setBlockAt(b.getLocation(), BlockType.Lava);
playSound(b.getLocation(), SoundEffect.Type.EXPLODE);
break ;
Install this plugin in the usual way:
$ cd Desktop
$ cd code/LavaVision
$ ./
As we loop, we'll spawn a LAVASPARK effect for each block along the line of sight.
If we hit something that isn't Air , then we'll set that block's type to Lava , play
a sound effect, and break out of the loop. All done.
Stop and restart the server, and in Minecraft look around and pick a target.
Type the /lavavision command and watch the lava bubble.
Now it's your turn!
Change the effects that this plugin uses. Change the particle effect type from
LAVASPARK to something else interesting. All the available effect types are listed
in the docs. 3
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