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To get a random number from 0 up to 5, just multiply Math.random() by 5. So
for instance, to get a new x-coordinate you might use an expression like
loc.getX() + (Math.random() * 5) . When multiplying and adding, parentheses are
usually a good idea—in this case we want to multiply the random 0..1 by 5,
then add that to the original x.
Now it's your turn again: improve the squid bomb by making a new location
based on the player's location that you already have, and add a bit of random-
ness to the x- and z-coordinates. To get the squid to drop on you from above,
add 10 to the y-coordinate.
Try going through this exercise all by yourself first. In case you get stuck and
need some help, I made a whole new plugin for the squid bomb. You can see
my code and config file in code/SquidBomb .
Find Nearby Blocks or Entities
Canary provides a very handy feature in net.canarymod.BlockIterator . A BlockIterator
lets you find all the blocks along a line in the game. Most useful is probably
the version where you pass in a LineTracer (made from a Player ) and a boolean,
which is declared in the Canary API like this: 2
public BlockIterator(LineTracer tracer, boolean include_air)
That gives you a BlockIterator object, which you can use to retrieve blocks along
the line of sight from that entity. The boolean flag says to include Air blocks,
and it works like this:
BlockIterator sightItr = new BlockIterator( new LineTracer(me), true);
while (sightItr.hasNext()) {
Block b =;
// do something with this block, b
You might check each block along this player's line of sight and find the first
block that isn't Air . That would be the player's “target.” Or you could set fire
to each block along the way and then turn that target into Lava .
Here's a plugin that does exactly that.
Plugin: LavaVision
This plugin runs a BlockIterator for the player, and checks each block along the
way, setting a flame effect. The first block that isn't Air is the target, so we'll
set that to Lava .
This is a recent addition to CanaryMod, and doesn't yet appear in their docs.
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