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Well, that was fun! Let's try something a little different: adding a new command
to this plugin, all on your own. Add a new command to the SkyCmd plugin that
creates ten squid—a squid bomb.
You'll add annotations for a command named "squidbomb" , and you'll use a for
loop and one of our helper functions.
The spawnEntityLiving is documented to take a location and the thing you want
to spawn:
spawnEntityLiving(newloc, EntityType.SQUID);
spawnEntityLiving returns an Entity , but we won't be using that right now.
For instance, to spawn a squid, you need to importnet.canarymod.api.entity.EntityType
up at the top of the file. Then later in your function, pass EntityType.SQUID to
the spawnEntityLiving function. With that we can make a simple “squid bomb”:
import net.canarymod.api.entity.EntityType;
//... other parts not shown
// Spawning some squid. Derp.
for ( int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
spawnEntityLiving(location, EntityType.SQUID);
Use that in your new command in our SkyCmd plugin. Don't forget to do the
•Add your new command ( squidbomb ) to SkyCmd using the @Command annota-
tion as we've seen previously, and your new function.
•Recompile and install using .
•Stop and restart the server to pick up the change.
You'll need to add a new command annotation, which looks like this:
@Command(aliases = { "squidbomb" },
description = "Drop a fixed number of squid on your head." ,
permissions = { "" },
toolTip = "/squidbomb" )
Now, that's a little bit boring—all the squid kind of pile on top of each other.
It might be better to randomize the location for each squid. Java provides a
function, Math.random() , that will give us a random number that ranges from 0
up to (but not including) 1.
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