Java Reference
In-Depth Information
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In this chapter you've learned something about Java syntax, from parentheses
to squiggly brackets and semicolons. You know how to declare Java variables
and use them to store important information. You can write Java functions
that will act on your data, and you can control functions with if , for , and while
Next we'll look at what happens when you package variables and functions
together to make objects—the heart of a large system like Minecraft. Minecraft
objects let you create plugins to manipulate everything in the Minecraft
environment, from creepers to cows. Let's see how.
Your Growing Toolbox
You now know how to:
•Use the command-line shell
•Build with Java, javac
•Run a Minecraft server
•Deploy a plugin
•Connect to a local server
•Use Java variables for numbers and strings
•Use Java functions
•Use if , for , and while statements
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