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In the BuildAHouse plugin, I had a bunch of code that you didn't see that actu-
ally did the house-building, and all you had to do was declare a few variables.
But now you're going to make an entire plugin from scratch , all by yourself.
To keep things a little on the simple side, at first you're just going to print
out some values. In fact, let's call this plugin Simple .
First you need to make a Simple directory for the new plugin, with a src/ subdi-
rectory, a src/simple subdirectory, and with a Canary.inf , Manifest.txt , and ,
just like we had in HelloWorldEZ .
I already provided a Simple directory for your reference down in Desktop/code ,
but don't look at that unless you get stuck. You're going to make your own
Simple right under Desktop .
Since you might be doing this a lot, I've made a shell script named
that will get you started.
In your Desktop directory, run the with the name of the plugin you
want to create, and it will make the directories underneath your current
directory and start you off with bare-bones Java code:
$ cd Desktop
$ code/ Simple
$ cd Simple
$ ls
Canary.inf Manifest.txt bin dist src
$ cd src
$ ls
$ cd simple
$ ls
The file lives up to its name; it doesn't actually do anything.
You'll be adding some code in between where it says Put your code after this line
and …and finish your code before this line , as shown at the bottom of the following
Open this file ( Desktop/Simple/src/simple/ ) in your text editor and get ready
to type.
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