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In the downloaded code, I've included a special library called EZPlugin . I moved
all the stuff that's going to be the same for all plugins into . That's
going to make our next plugins much smaller and easier to read.
All of the other plugins (past HelloWorld ) depend on EZPlugin , so we'll need to
build it before we go on. The build process will install it in the server's lib
(short for “library”) directory:
At your command line, change your current directory to the EZPlugin directory.
From there, run the script. So for me, I can start anywhere and go
to my home directory, then I can cd down into Desktop , then code , then EZPlugin :
$ cd
$ cd Desktop
$ cd code/EZPlugin
$ ./
You should see results that look a lot like this:
Compiling with javac...
Creating jar file...
Deploying jar to /Users/andy/Desktop/server/plugins...
Completed Successfully.
Check to see that the file really was installed in the server's lib directory:
$ cd Desktop
$ cd server/lib
$ ls
Once EZPlugin.jar is there, you won't need to run again. All the other
plugins can use it now.
Next, get rid of the first version of HelloWorld.jar , in the server's plugins directory:
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