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Also in server , there's a directory for plugins that the Minecraft server will
use when it runs, and the lib directory (we'll use that at the end of this
chapter for our EZPlugin library).
When working on code in the development directory, the last step once
you're ready to test it out in a server is to copy the jar file up to the server's
plugin directory (see the following figure).
We'll see how to do that automatically in just a second.
Java tends to use paths and configuration files to specify where all these
files and directories live. It can get a little tricky at times, as there are a
lot of moving parts, and it's frustrating when Java can't find some critical
file that is sitting right there in front of you. Just because you know where
a file is doesn't mean Java knows.
Now let's look at the source code, then cover how to build and install it.
Plugin: HelloWorld
It's a long-held tradition in the programming world to start off with a
simple test program that prints out the message “Hello, World.” So we'll
start off by building and running an existing plugin that does that in
Minecraft—except we'll send out a slightly more interesting message.
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