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Start-up errors
In some versions of CanaryMod, you might see an error on startup that says something
like Error on line 1: Premature end of file. net.canarymod.database.exceptions.DatabaseWriteException .
While somewhat scary looking, it just means that the server tripped over itself getting
everything set up. Just delete the files in Desktop/server/db and try again.
Without operator privileges, you won't be able to break blocks or place any-
thing in the game, so don't skip this step!
If you are planning on inviting friends to play on your server, you can either
op each of them as well, or you can give all visitors permissions to build:
> groupmod permission add visitors
> [14:33:39] [CanaryMod] [INFO] [MESSAGE]: Permission added
When you're ready, you can stop your Minecraft server at any time by typing
the command stop , like this:
[10:50:10] [CanaryMod] [INFO] [NOTICE]: Console issued a manual shutdown
[10:50:10] [net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer] [INFO]: Stopping server
[10:50:10] [CanaryMod] [INFO]: Disabling Plugins ...
And you'll be back to the command-line prompt again.
Start your server back up and leave it running, and we'll try to connect to it
from the client.
Next, start up your
Minecraft client and
log in using your
Minecraft user name
and password. With
any luck, you'll see a
Note the version num-
ber in the lower right-
hand corner, saying
it's ready to play with
a version 1.8 server.
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