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Server ~$ killall -9 java
which will kill all Java processes dead, right now. Period.
Domain Name
When you first set up your VPS, your VPS provider will tell you the IP address
for your server. That's the number anyone in the world can use to connect
to your server. An IP address is usually four sets of numbers with periods in
between, like ( or (your local machine,
localhost ).
You can set up a domain name so that folks can find you by a name like or instead of a number like Your
VPS provider may even be able to arrange this for you as an optional service,
or you can use one of many providers on the Internet.
Typical costs are around $10-20 a year for domain name registration . That
gives you the right to use your name. You also need someone to run a DNS
hosting server that says your name corresponds to your IP address. Many
registrars offer this service in addition to the name registration itself, or you
can use a separate vendor.
To find out if the domain name you want is available, you can use the com-
mand-line tool whois . Be careful using any other tools to check for a domain
name: squatters and other unsavory sorts have been known to watch for
domain name searches on the Web and grab the name before you can, then
try to sell it to you for a lot of money.
As with any service on the Internet, check around for reviews and comments.
Some big-name DNS providers that advertise heavily during major sporting
events have a very bad reputation.
What's Next
These few pages scratch the surface of what can be very deep topics.
There's a lot you can do as a Linux system administrator that we haven't
covered, including running tasks at particular times, backing up data,
applying system security and update patches, preventing griefers, tuning
performance, and setting up your own email server—all kinds of fun.
Whole topics are written on these topics, and this isn't one of them. But
hopefully this is enough to get you started.
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