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While pricing and features can vary a lot for VPS offerings, here are some commonal-
ities and things to look for:
•Most VPS systems include a web-based front end (one named cpanel is very pop-
ular) that allows you to reboot the system, add users, and that sort of thing.
•While a fast computer is always good to have, Minecraft is more sensitive to the
amount of RAM you have available. You want a package with as much RAM as
you can get—at least 2 GB (gigabytes), and often 4 GB or so.
•As I write this, several good providers have systems available for between $20
and $50 a month. That's a lot of money for a hobby, but you can help support
the server by asking for donations from your players. Even a few dollars per
player can fund your server. However, there might be issues with your govern-
ment's laws and tax codes once you start taking money, so you should check
with someone in your area who knows about such things before you start.
Some providers allow unlimited network traffic (“bandwidth”), and others set a cap.
Just as with many cell-phone plans, if you exceed the bandwidth cap the provider
will charge you more money.
Some providers may do the same thing with RAM or disk storage: you're allowed a
certain amount, and if you exceed that they'll start charging you extra.
When comparing plans, just be sure to add up the extra fees that you might have to
offer some “flavor” of Linux, a Unix-like, largely POSIX-compliant operating
system. 2
But Linux isn't just one thing. Linux is really a bundle of the core operating
system plus all the extra bits: the windowing system, utilities, programming
languages, and so on. A particular bundle is known as a distribution , and
each one is a little bit different in terms of what's included, what's not
included, how you install software, and how and when it gets updated.
These are some popular distributions, listed more or less in order of popularity:
•Linux Mint
POSIX stands for Portable Operating System Interface, a standard for operating-system
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