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How to Install a Desktop Server
So you have your great new custom plugins running on the server on your
computer, and you want your friends to be able to connect and play along.
There are two ways to go about that: set up your own personal computer for
your friends to access, or set up a permanent server in the cloud. (See how
in the next appendix, Appendix 4, How to Install a Cloud Server , on page 229 .)
To use your own computer, remember that it needs to be powered on and
running your Minecraft server for that to work. If you're okay with that idea,
here's what you need to do.
There are two main issues to address:
•You need a mechanism for your friends to find your machine's address
on the Internet.
•You to need to make your Minecraft port, 25565, open to the world.
There are several ways to go about this. The easiest is to use a piece of software
that does all the work for you. You can also take care of all the bits by hand,
which is more fun but more work.
The Easy Way: LogMeIn
Hamachi is a product available from LogMeIn in a free version (“Unmanaged”)
for up to five users, 1 as well as a more feature-rich paid version (“Managed”)
for Windows and Mac computers.
It sets up an IP address for your friends to connect to. You don't need to mess
with your firewall or router or anything locally; it just works. To set it up,
first download the Unmanaged version and install it.
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