Java Reference
In-Depth Information
On the left side of your screen, there's a listing of all of the top-level package
names in Canary, starting with net.canarymod .
Throughout the doc, you'll see links. Click on a link, and all the children of
that element will show up. Click on a package in the upper-left corner, like , and all the classes and such in that package will show
up in the lower-left panel.
Click on World in the lower-left panel, and you'll see all the functions (methods)
you can use in a World . Click on any method or class name for more details.
Oracle JavaDoc Documentation
If you're looking for general Java class documentation, not just the Canary-
specific classes, point your browser to Oracle's documentation on the Web. 6
It looks pretty much the same as the documentation on the Canary site (see
Figure 6, JavaDoc for Java , on page 219 ).
In the upper-left corner, there's a scrolling list of the packages, including very
useful ones like java.util and java.math . Under that is a list of interfaces (like
classes, but without their own functions) and the classes in that package. In
the right-hand pane is the documentation for the class you've clicked on.
Here I've gone to the package java.util , the class ArrayList .
The class documentation is great when you know roughly what you want but
need the specifics. But what if you don't know where to start?
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