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Canary Server Error Messages
The Canary server will display error messages either in the server log (at
~/Desktop/server/logs/latest.log ) or right in the Minecraft game console as you're
playing. Here are the most common errors you might see with a new plugin.
Server Log: Plugin Won't Load
Most errors in the log file or in the server's console (in your screen session) are
more straightforward than the compiler error messages. One of the most
critical and common ones is this error:
[SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins/HelloWorld.jar' in folder 'plugins'
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: helloworld.HelloWorld
You've written a new plugin, and you're getting an error that it can't be loaded.
This usually means the package name and plugin name specified in your
Canary.inf file don't match the package name and class name in the code. Check
your spelling. Remember that the package name is customarily all lowercase,
and that the class name is mixed uppercase and lowercase.
Minecraft Console: Unknown Command
If the plugin compiles okay but Minecraft gives you the “Unknown command”
error, be sure to check in your @Command() annotation to make sure you've
spelled the command correctly, and if you've specified a min number of argu-
ments or a permission setting, that those are correct as well.
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