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How to Read Error Messages
Error messages from the Java compiler, the runtime system, and the Minecraft
server try to be self-explanatory, but they don't always succeed. The javac
compiler in particular can get more than a little confused and spit out
unhelpful messages.
Please read through this whole appendix even if you aren't getting a particular
error at the moment, as some of this information might help you decipher
other error messages that aren't included here.
I've included some of the common error messages you might run into, along
with some observations and commentary. If you run into an error that you
just can't figure out, and it isn't listed here, try Googling for the text of the
error message. Odds are that someone else has had the same problem at
some point, and you can benefit from their experience.
Java-Compiler Error Messages
Java-compiler error messages usually look something like this:
src/helloworld/ cannot find symbol
symbol : class MessageReceiver
location: class helloworld.HelloWorld
public void helloCommand(MessageReceiver caller, String[] parameters)
Java is trying to tell you exactly where the error occurred and what it thinks
the problem is.
The first bit of text is the name of the file where Java thinks the problem is
located—in this case, the file src/helloworld/ . Next is a number in
between colons—that's the line number in the file (21 here). Next is the error
message itself, “cannot find symbol.” After that come the details specific to
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