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Here's what I came up with:
Change the importjava.util.ArrayList; to importjava.util.HashMap; .
Change the cowList from publicstaticArrayList<Cow>cowList=newArrayList<Cow>();
to use a hash instead: publicstaticHashMap<Cow,CreeperCowTimer>allCows=new
HashMap<Cow,CreeperCowTimer>(); . Also, I renamed it to “allCows” so that the
type of list isn't part of the name.
Change the cowList.add(cow); to allCows.put(cow, new CreeperCowTimer(cow)); since
you have to put in a hash.
Change the for loop to iterate through the HashMap so the new loop looks
like this:
for (Cow c : allCows.keySet()) {
CreeperCowTimer superCow = allCows.get(c);
Right about now this might feel frustrating.
That's okay: it's not important to get it right the first time. That rarely happens
and doesn't gain you much. It is important to get it right the last time.
With these changes we can now test jumping. I'll fire up the server, connect
from the client, and test by spawning just a single cow first. Then I can use
the testJump command to see if it starts heading toward me:
/testspawncows 5 1
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