Java Reference
In-Depth Information
/groupmod permission add groupName permissionName —add the permission
permissionName to members of groupName .
/groupmod permission check groupName permissionName —check if members
of groupName have the permission permissionName .
For example, in our plugin, to give jack37 permissions to use our /firebow com-
mand, you'd type the following commands in the console:
playermod permission add jack37 commands.firebow.enable
Check out the Canary docs for more details.
Next Up
We got a lot of new abilities in this chapter: you can now modify Minecraft
blocks and spawn entities, manage plugin permissions, and, most importantly,
listen for interesting events to happen in the game and react to them. That's
the real heart of plugins that can change how the Minecraft world works by
automatically acting on events as they occur.
In the next chapter we'll look at how to schedule events in the future, and
make an exploding cow shooter. See you there.
Your Growing Toolbox
You now know how to:
Use the command-line shell
Add a new command to a plugin
Build with Java, javac
Work with Location objects
Run a Minecraft server
Find blocks/entities
Deploy a plugin
Use local variables
Connect to a local server
Use class-level global variables
Use Java variables for numbers and
Use ArrayList s
•Use HashMap s
Use Java functions
Use private and public to control visibility
Use if , for , and while statements
Modify Minecraft blocks
Use Java objects
Modify and spawn entities
Use imports for Java packages
Listen for and react to game events
Use new to create objects
Manage plugin permissions
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