Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
table 10.12 A Comparison of Reconstructed Images for Triangular Targets with
Dimensions of 3λ Using the Method of Processing Each Source Separately and Then
Combining Them in Cepstrum Space after Filtering for Three Different Permittivity
Value s
Reconstructed image Processing each source separately and combining in the
cepstrum Domain
ε r
no subtraction
While subtracting Ψ inc
Note: These images compare the results of subtracting the cepstrum version of the incident ( Ψ inc ).
than the wavelength, hence the increased likelihood of aliasing. For the fre-
quency ranges used in this text, the aliasing threshold can be determined rather
straightforwardly using the above relationship in Equation 10.4 and compar-
ing it to the wavelength of the incident frequency in use. Table 10.13 shows a
comparison of the number of receivers, their associated receiver spacing, and
wavelengths of incident frequencies and the aliasing threshold for each.
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