Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
table 10.8 A Comparison of Reconstructed Images for Square Targets with Sides of
2λ Using the Combined Source Cepstrum Filtering of the Born Images for Three
Differ ent Permittivity Values
Reconstructed image by Processing combined sources in the Fourier Domain and then
Filtered in the cepstrum Domain
ε r
no subtraction
subtracting 0.4 × Ψ inc
Note: These images compare the results of subtracting the cepstrum version of the incident field times a weight-
ing factor of 0.4 ( 0.4 × Ψ inc ).
next, and while there was minimal change in the image boundary itself, for
a weighting factor of 1, a significant improvement in the scale of the recon-
structed image was noted, as shown in Tables 10.9 through 10.12.
10.3 eFFeCtS oF RAndoM undeRSAMplIng
As mentioned in Chapter 6, aliasing can become a significant issue as the num-
ber of receivers is reduced and the spacing between the receivers is increased.
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