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Figure 4-6 The Locations page.
Follow these instructions to create the Sitemap page:
1. First, create a new sitemap.html file in your project folder.
2. Open the about.html file and copy its contents into your new sitemap.html file.
3. Update the <title> and <meta> elements within the <head> element to reflect the content of the new
Sitemap page.
4. Remove the class attribute from the About link in the navigation.
5. Locate the <section> element with the ID page-text and delete any content that is in this element.
6. Create a new <h1> element in this section and give it the text Sitemap .
7. Create a new <ul> element underneath this <h1> and give it the ID sitemap .
8. Create new <li> elements for each page in your website (you should have six).
9. Create a new <a> element in each of these <li> elements that links to each page in your website.
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