HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<title>Language Test</title>
<p>HTML5 is awesome.</p>
<p lang="de">HTML5 ist super.</p>
Awesome! Your page templates are now complete.
In this chapter, you have learned about a number of new HTML elements. This includes learning how to use heading
elements in order to create a hierarchy for your page content.
Hyperlinks make up the backbone of the web. In this chapter, you learned how you can add links to your web pages
that navigate to both external web pages and sections within the current web page.
You have also been introduced to HTML lists and learned the difference between unordered and ordered lists. These
list elements can come in very handy for structuring navigation, as you found out when building the navigation sec-
tion for your page templates.
Finally, you have applied all that you have learned in this chapter in order to finish your page templates. In Chapter
4, you will use these page templates to create each page in your website.
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