HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Serve the pancake with sugar and lemon.
This example shows the steps for making pancakes. As these steps need to be completed in order, it is best to use an
<ol> element. You don't have to manually add in the numbers for each of the list items; the browser will do this for
you, as you can see in Figure 3-4.
Figure 3-4 An ordered list.
For a quick recap on unordered and ordered lists, check out Nick Pettit's video on Treehouse: ht-
ordered-and-unordered .
Building the Navigation
Now that you know how to use links and lists, it's time to create some navigation that will enable users to easily flow
between the different pages in your website.
The code for this exercise can be found in folder 2.
Follow these instructions to create the site navigation.
1. Open the index.html file.
2. Locate the <nav> element that you created in Chapter 2.
3. Within this <nav> element, create a new <ul> element:
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