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developers to embed audio without the need for third-party
Recall from Chapter 1 that the <p> element is used for blocks of text, comparable to a paragraph within a text doc-
ument. You learn more about using <p> elements later in Chapter 4.
The implied hierarchy of this content is a top-level section, HTML5 Rocks, with two second-level sections beneath,
The Video Element and The Audio Element. The two <h2> elements are given equal rank and therefore both appear
as “children” of the <h1> element. Figure 3-1 shows how this text would be presented in the browser. Note how the
two <h2> elements are displayed in smaller text than the <h1> element, indicating their relative importance.
Figure 3-1 Page hierarchy.
Where is the code that tells the browser to use a larger font for the <h1> elements and a smaller font for the <h2>
elements? It's in the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)! Web browsers include a default set of basic styles in a user
agent stylesheet .
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