HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
1. Open the index.html and about.html files in your text editor.
2. Add a <footer> element to each of your page templates. You should place this under the main content
<div> .
<div id="container">
<!-- Header -->
<!-- Main Content -->
<!-- Footer -->
The Boring Legal Stuff Goes Here
3. Save the files.
Success! Now you have created the main layout for both the home and content page templates. Figures 2-11 and
2-12 show how your templates should now look.
Figure 2-11 The home page template.
Figure 2-12 The content page template.
The last element that you are going to look at is the <article> element. You will be using this in your web-
siteā€”but not just yet.
Using the <article> Element
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