HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Congratulations; you are officially on your way to becoming an awesome HTML5 developer!
At the start of this chapter, I promised that you would build your first web page by this point, and you have. It may
not be flashy, but you have now covered some of the core fundamentals of HTML.
A huge number of browsers and development tools are available to modern-day web developers, and you learned
about some of the most popular. I encourage you to play around with each of these tools to find the set that you are
most comfortable working with. The same goes for browsers. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are often among
the first to implement new web technologies, but find the one that you like most. You will probably discover it is the
one with the best developer tools. Make sure that you have all the popular browsers installed because you will need
to use them all in order to test that your web pages are cross-browser compatible and available to as many users as
In Chapter 2, you learn how to structure your web pages in more depth and what each structural element is respons-
ible for. You will also be introduced to Joe Balochio and his chain of pizza restaurants. Throughout this topic, you
will be creating a brand new website for Joe's business—a site that uses many of HTML5's fantastic new technolo-
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