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ctx.fillStyle = “blue";
// Back to red again.
In this example, you set the fillStyle to red and draw the first square. You then call the save() function,
which takes a snapshot of your current styles and saves them in memory. You then change the fillStyle to blue
and draw another square. Then you call the restore() function, which retrieves your saved styles (setting
fillStyle back to red ). Just to prove that everything is working correctly, you draw another square that should
come out red. Figure 14-15 shows how this would look on the canvas.
Figure 14-15 Saving and restoring state.
You can use the save() and restore() functions to solve the text shadow problem. If you call the save()
function before you set the shadow styles and then the restore() function before you draw the offer text, the text
will have no shadow.
The code in this exercise can be found in folder 11.
Here are the steps:
1. Open the adscript.js file.
2. Add a call to the save() function just before you set the shadow styles.
function drawAdvert() {
// Save the context;
// Set a shadow
3. Now add a call to the restore() function before you draw the offer text.
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