HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 11-8 The Mute button.
You've now created all your custom video controls. The CSS stylesheet you added in Chapter 2 takes care of styling
them appropriately. Next, you find out how to make your video more accessible by adding subtitles.
Making Your Video Accessible
It's important to remember that not everyone is lucky enough to experience the rich media that the web has to
offer. HTML5 has been designed with this in mind. A number of technologies are available that you can use to en-
sure that people with disabilities can enjoy your multimedia content. In this section, you learn about the different
types of subtitles and how you can use the HTML5 <track> element to add subtitles to your video and audio con-
You can package subtitles with your videos in two ways. The first method, in-band subtitles, involves embedding the
subtitle file within the video file itself. The MP4 file format, for example, is a container for an H.263 video compon-
ent and an AAC audio component. This format also has the facility for you to store more metadata files within it (in-
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