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Your text editor is your faithful sidekick. You will use it to write all your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. A good
text editor can actually make you more productive and help you to quickly identify any errors that you may make
while coding. In this section, I list four of the most popular text editors for Mac, Windows, and Linux, but many oth-
er alternatives are available.
Sublime Text 2 is rapidly gaining popularity among developers because of its flexibility and its great set of
features. It is used in the latest Treehouse videos and offers loads of features, including themes, code com-
pletion, and snippets. Sublime Text 2 is not free, but many developers find that purchasing it is a good in-
vestment because it can help to increase your productivity. Currently, versions are available for Mac, Linux,
and Windows. You can download Sublime Text 2 at . Figure 1-1
shows Sublime Text 2 in action.
Figure 1-1 Editing an HTML document with Sublime Text 2.
TextWrangler is a good general-purpose text editor that is available for the Mac. Unlike Sublime Text 2,
TextWrangler is free. You can download it from
tWrangler/ .
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