HTML and CSS Reference
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3. Now add a <video> element to this new <div> .
4. Set the src attribute on the <video> element to point to the mikethefrog.webm file in your videos
<video src="videos/mikethefrog.webm" ></video>
5. Set the width attribute to 400 and the height attribute to 225.
<video src="videos/mikethefrog.webm" width="400" height="225" >
6. Add an id attribute to the <video> element and set its value to myVideo.
<video src="videos/mikethefrog.webm" id="myVideo"
width="400" height="225">
7. Now add a controls attribute to the <video> element. This prompts the browser to display its default
video controls. Later in this chapter, you will replace these with your own custom controls.
<video src="videos/mikethefrog.webm" id="myVideo" width="400"
height="225" controls >
8. Save the about.html file.
If you load up the About page in your web browser, you should see that your video appears to the left of the page
text, as shown in Figure 11-1. Click the Play button to ensure that the video will start playing.
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