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Figure 10-4 Selecting Elements Using getElementsByTagName().
Remember those name attributes that you were specifying on form fields? You can also select elements based on
those. The getElementsByName() function takes in a name and returns an array of all the elements that have
that name .
Try selecting the e-mail field using getElementsByName() :
This should return an array with one object, the <input> element for the e-mail field, as shown in Figure 10-5.
Figure 10-5 Selecting elements using getElementsByName().
Interacting with Page Elements
Now that you understand how to select elements using JavaScript, let's look at how you can manipulate their content
and attributes.
Manipulating Text Content
First try changing the text of the first <p> element. To do this, select the element and update its innerHTML prop-
erty to This text was changed using JavaScript .
document.getElementById(“firstParagraph").innerHTML = “This text
was changed using JavaScript";
Execute this in your console. You now should see the text on the page change.
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