HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
help documentation so that you know how to use the software. You can find a list of popular screen readers and links
to user guides at the beginning of this chapter.
Try navigating your pages using the screen reader, paying particular attention to how it deals with forms, tables,
links, and images. If you come across any areas that are hard to navigate, think about how you can refactor your code
to make the experience easier, based on what you have learned in this chapter.
Testing Markup with WAVE
The Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE) is a free tool provided by WebAIM that you can use to test your
web pages for any potential accessibility issues. You can access WAVE at .
The tool is similar to the W3C Validator in that it enables you to check your pages in three different ways. You can
provide a URL to a live page, upload a file from your computer, or paste your HTML directly into a text area.
Figure 9-3 shows an inaccessible web page that has been tested using WAVE. Recommendations and errors are dis-
played in yellow and red boxes next to the corresponding elements. As you can see, this test page has a number of
errors, including a lack of table headers, form labels, and page structure.
Figure 9-3 Testing accessibility using WAVE.
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