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In-Depth Information has a specific schema for the Person item. Again, I have omitted some of the more obscure properties,
but you can see them all at .
givenName —When defining a person's name, you can use more specific properties than the general name
property. The givenName (or first name) is one of these.
<span itemprop="givenName">Joe</span>
additionalName —The additionalName property can be used for a person's middle name.
<span itemprop="additionalName">Antonio</span>
familyName —Finally, there is a property for the family name.
<span itemprop="familyName">Balochio</span>
gender —You can also specify a person's gender.
<span itemprop="gender">Male</span>
birthDate —A birthDate can be a very useful piece of data. From a birth date, you can calculate
someone's age and birthday.
<time itemprop="birthDate" datetime="1966-10-06">
6th October 1966
deathDate —If you are creating a history website, you might find the deathDate property useful.
<time itemprop="deathDate" datetime="1920-01-23">
23rd January 1920
The Person item also has properties for defining contact details: telephone , faxNumber , and email . You can
see how to use these properties in the example of a LocalBusiness item.
Example Person
Here is an example of a Person item that uses the details of our friend Joe Balochio.
<div itemscope itemtype="">
<h1 itemprop="name">
<span itemprop="givenName">Joe</span>
<span itemprop="additionalName">Antonio</span>
<span itemprop="familyName">Balochio</span>
Born: <time itemprop="birthDate" datetime="1966-10-06">
6th October 1966</time><br>
Gender: <span itemprop="gender">Male</span>
<h2>Contact Details</h2>
Telephone: <span itemprop="telephone">01234 123123</span><br>
Fax Number: <span itemprop="faxNumber">01234 123124</span><br>
Email: <a itemprop="email" href=""></a>
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